Wednesday, 8 October 2008

New Classical French Fabric Range

Over the years we have been sourcing unique and distinctive french style furniture, and this year we have been looking into Fabric, that gives a distinctive classy look to your furniture.

There are literally thousands of different fabrics available so we set Jo to the task as she has a 1st Class Degree in Art , and her oil paintings are fantastic.

The key is to locate fabric that naturally blends into the French feel, andshe has done just that with quality of eye, not only that but she also gave us a list of upholsters in the UK that would work to our high level of detail.

Ralph, never to be outdone, also put a local upholster in contact with us.
He came down, and collected a chair and said” I’ll impress you with what I can do”

Three months later, this guy has still not returned with the chair, and Ralph has “Misplaced “his Number.

I think we should check on EBay to see if our chair turns up there.

Simple and Logical

Anyway we have given Ralph the task of lobbying Local government (Hopefully he will keep a note of phone numbers this time!)

I must admit I was impressed by his idea, sometimes in life the simplest ideas are the best (No offence Ralph)

Okay here’s the deal

Our couriers collect from us on a daily basis and our furniture has a layer of corrugated cardboard and a cardboard box.

We coerce them into returning the cardboard and packing material when they collect their daily deliveries and the local council collect the cardboard once a week and recycle it .

Its not rocket science (I actually have a friend who is a Rocket scientist ) but like Airbus 380 vs. Boeing 777. Ones going for Point to point and ones going for sheer volume.

Local Government can help us but are literally charging the earth for collection.

Anyway watch this space for further developments.

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