Tuesday, 16 September 2008


One of our Buyers returned after 3 weeks abroad and what a magnificent haul she brought back , majestic Obj’ art and some quite amazing Design Classics , made by highly skilled artisans and sooo detailed.

Due for release October 2008

Ralph after being grounded after his last buying exploits (Fantastic finds, and quite amazing expenses!) Had to dig deep and rekindle old contacts to redeem himself to the Boss.

Happy to say he has more than redeemed himself with cementing openings exporting to France, USA and Canada, this time his expenses were more reasonable and his waistline was the same as when he left!

This autumn we have released over 120 + new hand picked products mainly French Beds, French wardrobes or armoires, and glamorous seating.

The Press Office and marketing department are gearing up for the exciting Winter Release of hand crafted Designer Classics made with passion and pride by 5th Generation artisans at realistic prices.

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