Sunday, 6 January 2008

Recent Sourcing Trip

Returned from my sourcing trip the beginning of December , should have been for one week , ended up over five weeks (Need to choose the perfect time to hand in my expenses ! ). The crowning Glory was the latest additions to the Noir Range and Venetian Mirror collection .

My favourite piece from the Noir Range was the
Noir Chaise , and some other items soon to be released to complete the Noir Bedroom range . Watch This Space.

It’s all in the detail

I must have visited over 40 suppliers and seen literally thousands of items of French furniture, Mirrors and
Objet’d art.

From these I choose about 150 new items .

It’s very easy to be rushed and taken in by the Sales patter and “Working Lunches” (Must join a gym ) , but I always insist and watching various stages of production , and slipping in some of the companies extra requirements .

What catches my eye is an item with outstanding craftsmanship .

It must be so easy to mass produce , but where is the passion and pride?

It’s quite amazing to watch how many different disciplines are involved in the hand making of furniture. Take for example a chase.

Hand carve the detail
Assemble joints
8 Stage painting of Wood
Final Sign off / Certification
pack and Box

Because these items are so well built , they will last .


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