Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Care Tips for Painted French Furniture

Many customers have asked us for tips to keep their Painted French Furniture in good condition.

Fine furniture is an important purchase and and proper care will help you get the best out of your investment.

Our advise is simple things like keeping the furniture dust free and clean will increase its life and keep it looking good for a long time. Always dust your furniture with moist soft cloth. Dust can scratch the finish if not removed properly. Use a soft damp cloth and avoid coarse and abrasive materials. Do avoid using soap and water as this will penetrate the finish and cause more harm than good.
French Furniture
Carved motifs which are the main feature of Baroque and Rococo furniture should be dusted with soft banister brush or small areas with a pony hair brush.

Waxes are not required, however if you do use a wax make sure it is a white creamy type on light painted items as this will not discolour the original finish of your furniture.

Avoid using oils, oil treated cloths and polishes containing oils as this will spoil the painted finish of your furniture.

The environment in which the furniture is kept is also important. It is best to keep furniture away from sources of heat like radiators if furniture suffers from excessive heat it can cause the wood to dry out and get damaged.

Similarly keep furniture away from direct sunlight as this will also have an adverse effect on the finish. Last but not the least use coasters on surfaces to keep it from scratching from things like clocks, ornaments, vases etc and if you do decide to cover the surface of a table/chest with glass make sure you place small pieces of felt between the painted surface and glass top as it will stop the glass from sticking to and damaging the paint.

I hope these tips will help you in keeping your Painted French Furniture in excellent condition.
It was nice writing this piece and will soon be back with more helpful tips.