Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Decorating with Shabby Chic Furniture

Decorating with Shabby Chic Furniture

According to Wikipedia, Shabby Chic decor is where furniture and decorative items are either old and show signs of wear or are new items which have been painted and distressed to give them an antique appearance.

French Furniture Company  Offer various collections suitable for this style of decorating . The shape and style of French Furniture is so charming. The painted & distressed look makes it a perfect choice to get the Shabby chic / Cottage style feel that is so sought after these days.
White painted furniture

Shabby Chic means to mend and renew.  The style started in post war Great Britain, when resources were limited, so the old furniture was given a new lease of life by being painting and the sofas were given slip covers. Thus a whole new style of decorating began. Who would have thought it would get so popular that newly built furniture would be distressed to achieve the shabby chic lived in look. 

Console Table

Furniture is generally painted in white and purposely distressed around the corners and edges to give a used and worn shabby chic look.  White furniture is good for uplifting any room and making it look fresh and new.  That said people do use others colours to paint furniture so as to compliment their existing decor.
Shabby chic chest of drawers
Thrift shops , flea market and the local second hand furniture shops are the best place to get furniture for that DIY shabby chic project. I am sure all shabby chic enthusiasts will agree that nothing is more satisfying than turning an old and unwanted piece of furniture into a new and beautiful accent piece. 
For those who haven't give this a try, believe me its well worth the effort.


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